Well, hello!

I’m Laura, owner, creator and plant lover behind LoKey Designs. I am a Midwest native, living in South City, St. Louis with my husband Zach, daughter Aurelia, son Felix and two lazy cats Loki and Ninja.

How did LoKey Designs get started?

In December 2015, I was working on random projects around my house, looking to fill a creative void. At the time, I was woking a full-time job in marketing but often missed hands on, computer-free creative projects. One of my first at-home projects was to decorate my home with low maintenance and easy to care for plants.

Up until this point, I was purchasing fresh flowers each week to bring life into our home but wanted something longer lasting that I could set on a shelf or have on a table. Succulent arrangements were the perfect solution.

After making a few arrangements for myself, my friends were intrigued with my new project and requested a planting class so they could learn how to make these beautiful little arrangements too. 

In January 2016, I taught my very first succulent planting class in my "basement plant lair" with a few close friends.

By March 2016, I taught my first public planting class in St. Louis, which turned into the opportunity to sell my arrangements and home decor in a retail location.

By April 2016, I was selling my arrangements and home decor in two retail locations.

My house project grew into a small side hustle and is now my full-time business.


Started from a need for low maintenance plants and home decor for my own home, LoKey Designs offers succulent arrangements, terrariums and easy to care for live plant arrangements for your home, office or to give as gifts. 


I teach private and public planting classes, make custom arrangements for clients and sell DIY Succulent Kits across the US online. I am steadily growing my business, one step at a time with the same pursuit in focus, which is to provide low maintenance (low key), living home decor.


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