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Plant Care Services

Let LoKey show you next steps in plant care or take care of your plants while you are out.

We offer a more customized experience to plant consultations with our new in-home or on-location service. Do you have plants that need some help and want it to just get DONE? Do you have plants in your home that you need help understanding how to care for? Want someone to check in on your plants periodically to ensure they are growing their best? Are you going out of town and need to ensure your plants are alive when you get back? We can do it all!

Book an appointment with Laura to get started.

We offer this service within the St. Louis City and St. Louis County areas. Outside of this area but still local? Contact for more info.


The Specifics

Location: Greater St. Louis | in-home

Duration minimum: 1 hour

Price: Starting at $75

Cancelation Policy

Please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment or to cancel. We ask that you give us a 24-hour notice. 

Looking for a Custom Service?

Our services are customized to meet your plant needs. Contact us today to chat about what you're looking for. 

Meet Your Plant Consultant

Hi! Laura of LoKey Designs here to share the plant love even further through Plant Consultations! Since 2016, I have been helping clients find solutions to their plant problems. Now, you can tap into my expertise, advice and care plans through Plant Consultations.


Need Plant Design Help?

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