This DIY Succulent Kit is the perfect way to learn about succulents! 

Laura, owner of LoKey Designs and creator of the DIY Succulent Kit, will take you through, step by step on planting your succulent arrangement.

In the included step-by-step instructions, Laura will show you how to handle and properly plant your selected succulent, decorate with natural materials and finally take you through how to water your arrangement.

Succulent arrangements are low maintenance and easy to care for. They are perfect to put around the house, the office or give as a gift! 


Each kit includes:

  • succulent (succulent subject to be different than pictured - if you have a special request, please contact
  • selected container- standard dimensions: 3"- 4" 
  • succulent soil
  • reindeer moss
  • gravel
  • decorative stones
  • wooden spoon
  • paper straws
  • step by step planting and care instructions

DIY Succulent Kit

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  • If you are unhappy with your puchase or your kit arrived damaged, please contact

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